Colonel Washington and Me (Paperback)

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In 1768 George Washington purchases a young man who had been born into slavery. Washington has been a slave owner since age eleven. What develops is one of the more extraordinary relationships in American history.

While most biographies on the first president mention the bond between George Washington and William Lee, Colonel Washington and Me is the first book dedicated solely to this story. The young reader travels through history as both men search for freedom on their incredible journey together.

Through the eyes of George Washington's most-trusted servant and friend William Lee, you'll discover the behind-the-scenes story of how the original Thirteen Colonies went to war against the British Empire and established the United States of America.

Also available in a Hardcover edition.

About The Author

Jeffrey E. Finegan Sr. is a 1982 graduate of Seton Hall University with a bachelors degree in broadcast communication. A native of New Jersey, his interest in history spans from the Norman Conquest of England to World War Two with a concentration in George Washington, the American Civil War and historic architecture. He resides in the historic village of Finesville, New Jersey with his wife, Kimberly Ollio Finegan and two sons, Jeffrey E. Jr. and Peter J. Finegan.

About The Illustrator

The multifaceted talents of Preston Keith Hindmarch have firmly established him in the artistic world. His design work has long been seen in a variety of ad campaigns. But it is his talent for illustration that has brought him the most recognition. He specializes in capturing places of historic significance in or near his hometown of Easton, Pennsylvania. Hindmarch's illustrations for this book demonstrate his deft ability to bring history to life. Prints from this book are available at

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